Terms and Conditions

You MUST READ and AGREE to these terms and conditions before you can join the referencing website.
Please read them carefully.

  1. By enrolling with the referencing website (the “Website”), you become a subscriber of the service (the “Service”), and agree to be bound by this Agreement (the “Agreement”). This agreement is subject to change by us, at any time, and changes are effective upon updating this Agreement.
  2. Some or all of the following fees and charges may be incurred by the Subscriber: Subscription fees. The subscriber is responsible for paying periodic subscription fees according to the then-current billing terms.
  3. Unless and until this agreement is cancelled in accordance with the terms hereof, the Subscriber hereby authorizes the “Service” to charge subscriber’s credit card (or other approved facility) to pay for the ongoing cost of membership. The Subscriber hereby further authorizes the “Service” to charge Subscriber’s credit card (or other approved facility) for any and all purchases of products, services and entertainment provided by the “Website”.
  4. To Cancel your subscription before the next billing term please contact CCBILL.COM.
    Online Merchant Services for Payment Processing | CCBill Hours: 24/7
    TF: 888.596.9279
    email: support@ccbill.com
    Consumer Support Center
    Live Chat
    International Toll Free Number:
    International Number Listing
  5. Subscription to the Service may be terminated at anytime, and without cause, by the Website or the Subscriber. You cannot cancel by e-mailing the Website. If you cannot cancel through the auto form on our website, you need to contact THE BILLING COMPANY at their e-mail address.
  6. The material on the Service is for the private, non-commercial enjoyment of Subscribers only. Any other use is prohibited.The subscriber hereby warrants and represents that he or she is over the age of 18 (21 years in some locales), and in all respects is qualified and competent to enter into this agreement and consents to the viewing of adult material without being in violation of any local laws.
  7. Refunds for purchases or recurring charges may be requested by contacting customer support.

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